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Personnel & History

Quantitative Services Group

Robert Logan

Network Administrator
FOR 202
(406) 243-2457

Sherri McWilliams

Systems Administrator
FOR 202
(406) 243-2479

Kit Edington

Information Technology Specialist
FOR 202
Office: (406) 243-2449
Mobile: (406) 272-2449

Michael Sweet

Research & Information Systems Specialist
CHCB 429
(406) 243-5265

Science Compute Services

Niels Maumenee

Systems Administrator, Fire Center
CHCB 429
(406) 243-2057

Wilderness Institute

Lisa Eidson

IT Specialist, Wilderness Institute
Continuing Education Building
(406) 243-6933

The Quantitative Services Group History

Information Technology has always played an important role in the College of Forestry and Conservation.  In the early 1990s, IT staff in the college designed the first webpage for the University of Montana.  Due to the growth in imaging data, these same IT staff laid the groundwork for the college's (and university's) first T-1 fiber optic data line.  They soon followed with servers that were capable of data storeage and college-wide email.  These IT staff soon because a functioning entity known as the "Quantitative Services Group", or QSG.  The name originated with Dr. Hans Zuuring, Professor of Forest Biometry in the mid 1990s.  Dr. Zuuring was keenly interested in applying mathematical models to forest ecosystems, hence, the quantitative spin to the name.

Since then, the University of Montana Central IT has grown to handle university-wide IT needs, but QSG still exists and functions to offer specialized services and support to the College of Forestry and Conservation, and works with other IT groups on campus to benefit CFC faculty, staff, and students.