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Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez


Fax: (406) 243-4840
Email: Fernando.Sanchez@mso.umt.edu
Office: Stone Hall 207
Office Hours:

Tuesday, 14:00 to 15:30; Friday, 10:00 to 11:30,  and by appointment.

Please look up my schedule for available times.

Current Position

Postdoctoral Researcher and Instructor


  • Ph.D., Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain, 2013
    • Interdisciplinary (Anthropology, GIScience, Statistics, Computing)
    • Dissertation: Geospatial patterns in the late Pleistocene human settlement of the Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain): spatial association, geometric probability and fuzzy statistics in the study of past land-use strategies
  • ​M.S., University of Salford, United Kingdom, 2013
    • Geographical Information Systems
    • Dissertation: Measuring accessibility to libraries in urban networks and estimation of optimal resource distributions
  • M.S., UNED, Spain, 2012
    • Statistics
  • M.S., Università di Ferrara, Italy, 2008
    • Quaternary Studies
    • Dissertation: Neighbourhood analysis in a raster data model and geometrical properties of kernel functions. The Neogene limestone outcrops of the environs of the Sierra de Atapuerca as a case study 
  • B.A., Universidad de Alicante, Spain, 2006
    • History and anthropology
  • Graduate Certificate, UNED, Spain, 2014
    • Optimization: linear and network models


  • Canon Foundation in Europe, research fellow
  • Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, member of the Review College
  • Wildland Research Institute, research collaborator

Field of Study

  • Quantitative methods for the analysis of uncertainty in space-time
  • Computer applications to the social sciences and the humanities
  • Geospatial science and participatory action in integrated resource management

Research Interests

Systems thinking, soft computing, applied statistics, machine learning, optimization, data quality, GIScience, historical sciences, anthropology, human-environment systems, spatial economics.


Current research direction

  • Tribal Geographic Information Systems, Co-PI (with A. Watson,  USFS). Sponsors: Bureau of Indian Affairs, USDA Forest Service, The University of Montana, 2016-2017. $126,700.


English, Spanish, Portuguese (Beginner), French (Beginner)


  • GPHY 141 - Geography of World Regions
  • GPHY 347 - Regional geography: Europe
  • GPHY 489 - GIS Laboratory (Python Programming)
  • GPHY 491 - Python Programming for GIS
  • GPHY 588 - Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • GPHY 589 - GIS Laboratory (Spatial Analysis and Modeling)

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed papers contributed to journals

  • McBride, B.B.; Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Carver, S.;  Stumpff, L.M. and Watson, A. (2016) “Participatory Geographic Information Systems as an organizational platform for the integration of traditional and scientific knowledge in contemporary fire and fuels management”. Journal of Forestry  114 (4): 1-8.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Benito-Calvo, A.; Navazo, M. & Canals, A. (2016). “Assessing the effects of temporal ambivalence on defining palaeosystem interrelations, and applicability to the analysis of archaeological survey data”. Quaternary International.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. (2013). “Reflexiones sobre la gestión de la calidad y la incertidumbre en datos arqueológicos” [Reflections on the management of quality and uncertainty in archaeological data]. Ligustinus 1: 9-19.

Book chapters

  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. and Canals, A. (2013). “Assessing positional uncertainty due to polygon-to-point collapse in the cartographic modelling of archaeological scatters”. In (G. Earl, T. Sly, A. Chrysanthi, P. Murrieta-Flores, C. Papadopoulos, I. Romanowska & D. Wheatley, eds) Archaeology in the Digital Era. Vol. II, pp. 854-862. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. e-ISBN  978 90 4852 728 1.

Other Publications

Technical reports (published or unpublished)

  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Wynecoop, M. and Carver, S. (2016). The value of tribal engagement for monitoring the effects of fire and fuels management on cultural uses of the Colville National Forest, Northeast Washington. Unpublished report to the Forest Vision 2020 Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, USDA Forest Service. Under review by the Rocky Mountain Research Station and the Colville National Forest, Colville, WA, USA.
  • Matt, R.; Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; McBride, B. and Watson, A. (2016). Environmental change and fire: building adaptive capacity on the Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana. Unpublished report to the Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service. On file at the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute's archive, Missoula, MT, USA.
  • Watson, A.E.; Carver, S.; Armatas, C.; Borrie, W.T.; Huck, J.; McBride, B.B.; Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Stumpff, L.M. and Venn, T. (2014). Traditional Phenological Knowledge: literature review and case study descriptions of cultural resilience in fire adapted ecosystems by tribal college faculty in the southern Rockies. Final Project Report (JFSP Project Number: 12-2-01-18).
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. (2013). Geospatial patterns in the late Pleistocene human settlement of the Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain): spatial association, geometric probability and fuzzy statistics in the study of past land-use strategies. PhD thesis, Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Copyright T.1419-2013.

In preparation

  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Carver, S.; McBride, B.B.; and Matt, R. “Participatory mapping at the interface of environmental management and community-based ecological knowledge: a spatialized, soft systems approach to knowledge transfer” (Under review by Journal of Environmental Management).

Conference proceedings

  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. (2014). "Tribal perceptions of traditional fire management on the Flathead Reservation: dealing with fuzzy geodata in indigenous geographies", 5th Annual National Tribal GIS Conference 2014. Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. (2014). "Fuzzy tagging and processing of semantic vagueness for crowd-sourcing public perceptions of environmental change", Digital Conservation. University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F.; Carver, S. and Huck, J. (2014). "Use of the Map-Me PPGIS tool for the collection of community-based ecological information", Digital Conservation, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen,  United Kingdom.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. (2014). "The treatment of public participation data in environmental impact assessment: setting up smart systems for the synthesis and mapping of vague definitions, GIS Research UK 2014. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  • Sánchez-Trigueros, F. and Canals, A. (2012). "Two exploratory techniques for the assessment of the positional uncertainty derived from the polygon-to-point collapse operation", Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 2012. University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom.