M.S. Resource Conservation

Master's degree in Resource Conservation

Choose the M.S. in Resource Conservation if you are interested in studying topics like community-based conservation, natural resource policy, social, political and economic aspects of conservation, or want to pursue the option in International Conservation & Development. As with all three of our master's degrees, you must be accepted to study with a faculty advisor before you can be admitted to our graduate programs. That faculty member will help you choose a plan of study to get the degree that fits you.

Featured Content

Siobhan Lozada

Siobhan Lozada recently completed her M.S. in Resource Conservation with the ICD option. She looked at food system resiliency in rural Belize.

Emily Clark

M.S. student Emily Clark is looking at how snowmelt becomes groundwater and the impact of factors like hillslope on that process.

Andrew Hursh

M.S. student Andrew Hursh is studying soil respiration using satellite-derived data to better understand feedbacks in the global carbon cycle.