Edwin Burke

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Edwin Burke

Professor of Wood Science & Technology

Personal Summary

Edwin J. Burke received his Ph.D. in Wood Science and Technology from Colorado State University in 1978. Teaching and researching at UM since 1979, he has worked with many aspects of fundamental and applied wood research including ultrastructural anatomy and physiology of wood, small-diameter stem utilization, log and heavy timber engineering, design and structural grading and mechanical and physical properties of under-utilized species. He currently serves as Director of the University of Montana Wood Science Laboratory, an International Accreditation Service-accredited facility for testing and evaluation of wood, wood composite, steel and structural timber members and structures.

Professor Burke’s teaching responsibilities include FOR 200, Natural Resources Measurements Camp, serving as instructor and Co-Director; FOR 241,Dendrology; FOR 340 Forest Products Manufacturing and Timber Harvesting: FOR 342 Wood Anatomy, Properties and Identification; FOR 440, Technical Processing of Forest Products. He has also taught classes in Careers in Natural Resources, Tree Biology, Wood Microbiology, Tree Growth and Wood Properties, Wood-fueled Energy Systems, and Wood Seasoning and Preservation.

His graduated students have studied fundamental wood properties, wood-disease interactions, DNA analysis of decay organisms, optical methods for lumber grade determination and wood joint strength and durability.

Research Interests

Forest Products Technology
Growth-Quality Relationships of Wood
Wood Science
Tree Biology