Steve Running

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Steve Running

Professor Emeritus of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences

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B.S. Botany; Oregon State University, Corvallis 1972

M.S. Forest Management; Oregon State University 1973

Ph.D. Forest Ecophysiology; Colorado State University 1979

Research Interests

Forest ecophysiology
Global climate change

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5 Stages of Climate Grief  |  Audio version (mp3 format)

Steve and Pete discuss not only what science delivers in terms of knowledge about our planet's future, but also the lack of a global level entity to encourage compliance.

Honors / Awards

~~Montana Environmental Information Center Conservationist of the Year 2012
 Doctor Honoris Causa University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna Austria 2012
 Honorary Professor, Environment Institute and Dept. of Geography, University College London 2009
 Oregon State University Alumni Fellow 2009
 E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award 2009
 Chapter lead author of IPCC 2007 report, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2007
 Univ. Of Montana Presidential Scholar 2008
 University of Montana, Lud Browman Award for scientific writing, 2007
Oregon State Univ. College of Forestry, Distinguished Alumni, 2006
 Burk-Brandenburg Montana Conservation Award, 2006
 ISI Highly Cited Scientist Designation 2004
Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, 2002
University of Montana BN Faculty Achievement Award, 1991
University of Montana, Distinguished Scholar, 1990

Selected Publications

Zhang. K, J. S. Kimball, M. Zhao, W. C. Oechel, J. Cassano, S. W. Running. (2007) Sensitivity of pan-Arctic terrestrial net primary productivity simulations to daily surface meteorology from NCEP-NCAR and ERA-40 reanalyses. Journal of Geophysical Research 112 G01011, doi: 10, 1029/2006JG000249, 2007

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