College of Forestry & Conservation

The College of Forestry and Conservation offers Bachelor's of Science, Master's of Science and PhD degrees to educate the next generation of wildlife biologists, forest rangers, ecologists, park rangers, and more. Work with internationally renowned faculty in the classroom, lab, and outside. You will learn to apply science to complex issues such as global climate change, wildland fire, water availability, human interaction with nature, wildlife conservation, and forest resiliency.

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Caleb Dysthe has grown fungi in petri dishes, drilled holes in tree branches to find bark beetles, and cleaned mouse cages.

"The national parks are one of the best ideas the U.S. has ever had," says Emily Brine

Joe Baer started a student logging crew at the college's Lubrecht Forest so students like him could get hands-on experience.

Jessica Brown's two best semesters at the college were the two she didn't spend on campus.